Q & A

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

We need a one-week reservation. Keep in mind that there are not enough trucks in to have one in every city, every day. We ask for a 2-3 day window for pickup. We will try to accommodate the date you request to the best of our ability, but remember that we are also dealing with the schedules of 9 other people. If you need a particular day, an additional charge of $50-$125 may be added. This covers the cost of providing a flatbed service to pickup your vehicle on a specific day.

Is service door to door or terminal to terminal?

Door to door means as close as the truck can legally and safely reach. Many people say that they have seen moving vans/semis in their subdivision, but forget that these moving vans/semis are enclosed and personal property is not exposed. Your vehicle will be on an open carrier. Your vehicle may also be on the headrack which means if you lead the driver into an area that has low lying tree lims, your vehicle may possibly be scratched. Same thing with low lying bridges, just keep in mind of your surrounding area and look for parking areas that will allow 75 feet of tractor/trailer to enter and exit easily.

You will be contacted about 3-24 hours in advance for pickup and delivery times. Your vehicle usually delivers within 72 hours after pickup. However, sometimes trucks can be delayed due to breakdowns and schedules.

Can I cover my car?

No. First of all, the cover will damage the paint on your vehicle. Secondly it's against the law. And thirdly, image the poor sucker it lands on when it falls off during transit. Covers don't hold up to 80 mile an hour winds.

What do I need to do to prepare my car?

We suggest that no personal items are left in the vehicle. We are not licensed by Federal Highway Administration to transport household goods. If you leave the TV in your SUV and it bounces around breaks the TV and tears a whole in your roof, it's your baby. Any add-ons need to removed and placed inside the vehicle. Bug shields do not hold up to high valicity winds and will scratch the heck out of your hood. Remove antennas that extent move than three inches, any chips or minor scratches in the windshield can create more damage.

 What time will the driver get here?

Although we try to quote out an accurate time frame, it does always happen. At times we have customers that don't cooperate very well with the driver. Sometimes he waiting for doctors appointment, lunch breaks or football practice. Although we would like to accommadate everybody's needs, we still need to keep the driver on schedule.